There is limited hiker parking within Franconia Notch. Went up hi-Cannon and down kinsman ridge. The Lonesome Lake Trail is the main route to the AMC Hut located just above the lake’s shore and and we followed it about half a mile to reach the Hi-Cannon Trail. AMC Hut and mountain lake. The tramway is currently closed, so parking is available in the main tram lot to access Kinsman Ride Trail, Greenleaf Trail and Pemi Trail. Completed this hike yesterday 10/22. Take a look at the stagecoach trail, the view of Haystack Rock to the north and the two caves around the point, but please do so in a safe manner. The trail beings following a service road for 120 yards, then turns right and follows the left edge of a clearing for 70 yards before finally entering into the woods. 2017031020 - 2018-11-14 - EIR - Trails at Santiago Creek Project. google_ad_client = "pub-2270648584188371"; You may visit the Lonesome Lk AMC Hut. Brea Sports Park (20 acres) 3333 E. Birch Street, 714-990-7103 Features: Ball fields, walking trail… A trail guide is available at the park office for self-guided nature walks. That 0.6 is extremely steep, and slow going. Lafayette Campground, Franconia Notch State Park Parkway, elevation about 1740 feet. Climbed September 21, 1996 Trail starts at the left side of the parking lot. The Cannon Valley Trail received new snow on 1/14-1/15 which was great. The trail begins about 1/2 mile from the Parking area by following the Lonesome Lake Trail. Hikers can also choose to go a little out of the way on the Lonesome Lake Trail (seen below). Currently no day use parking fee. We found that some hikers took advantage Southbound, exit at Lafayette Campground sign and turn L before bridge for trailhead parking. hi-cannon to cannon, ridge to kinsman's down fishin Jimmy and lonesome lake. It has some exposed rocky overlooks that allow you to appreciate the presidentials even before reaching the summit. This way up takes some level of fitness to be enjoyed. Unless your dog is small enough to carry or is an avid climber (both up and down), Overflow Parking from Lafayette Place and Liberty Springs lots is located at Exit 34B, Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway. The trail is 1.6 Miles (2.5 Kilometers) Singletrack in length with 23% Avg Grade (13°) and 76% Max Grade (37°). Get a good look at the machinery chewing up the mountainsides as you go. Micro spikes are recommended for kinsman ridge. A track has not been set for traditional skiing. I would rate this hike as moderate-difficult. There is one ladder which puts this hike on the T25 list -- the ladder isn't too bad, really. Stay on Lonesome Lake Trail, as it becomes steep. Hi-Cannon Trail, Franconia Notch State Park Trail and Hiking Information. Brea Junior High School Park (13.06 acres; lighted) 400 N. Brea Blvd. The Cannon Valley Trail office is right off the trail at 825 Cannon River Avenue and there is also parking just east of the CVT office at the Cannon Falls Softball Fields. The first 0.75 miles of this trail contain many twists and turns through a densely wooded area. You will reach the lake. From trailhead to summit is 2.8 miles, making the total trip 5.6 miles. A trip to Cannon’s summit is 2.2 miles from the parking area and provides spectacular views of Franconia Notch. Several great look out points along the way and the tower at the summit of Cannon provides amazing 360 views. This trail will lead you to the Hi-Cannon Trail and the Lonesome Lake Trail to Kinsman Ridge Trail. Great Views of Northern Presidentials. Hi Cannon was nice, steep in some spots, kinsman ridge had a lot of ice and was slippery coming down. The return down the Kinsman Ridge Trail to connect with the Lonesome Lake trail is not for those who don’t posses sure footing, strength and flexibility. The trail begins moderately, but then steeply by switchbacks. Located off the Franconia Notch Parkway The water/mud was up to my ankles in some spots, but it made for a fun game of “what can I step on so I don’t sink”. The first is the parking lot at the Cannon Township Center, located at 6878 Belding Rd NE, Rockford. From the parking lot it is easy to spot North America’s first Aerial Tramway on one of its many trips up to the summit. There is an old/historic tramway that bring non-hikers to the summit. The trail contains very steep sections as well as a wooden ladder and a cliff view of Lonesome Lake. The trail then turns into small boulders to climb over surrounded by much larger ones leading google_ad_type = "text_image"; Micro-spikes were not needed today. Known for its relentless grades, the trail climbs just under 2000 feet in a mile and a half. Hi-Cannon Trail This steep, 2-mile trail (1950 feet of elevation gain) begins off Lonesome Lake Trail, just 0.4 miles from Lafayette Campground in Franconia Notch. DO NOT bring him/her. I will definitely try to come again and make it to the top though. Following the Lonesome Lake Trail from Lafayette Place Campground, the Hi-Cannon Trail is the most direct route up the east slope of Cannon Mountain. The first 0.75 miles of this trail contain many twists and turns through a densely wooded area. Parking area, Layfayette Campground, Lonesome Lake Trail - 1,760' High Cannon Trail - 0.4 miles - 2,165' Via High Cannon Trail Cascade Brook cut-off - 0.4 miles - 2,960' Via Lonesome Lake and Cascade Brook trails: Lonesome Lake - 0.6 miles - 2,750' High Cannon Trail - 0.4 miles - 2,960' Kinsman Ridge Trail - … The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Trails Hi Cannon Trail. Comments: Took the Hi-Cannon up to the ridge, then the Kinsman ridge trail to Cannon, then headed down the Lonesome Lake trail. In my opinion, this trail is tied with Osseo Trail for the least "terrifying" on the list. Be prepared this time of year for parking to be difficult, especially on the weekends. Icy and snowy hike took closer to 6 hours with breaks. But from there to Cannon Mountain back is bit long, never ending snd steeeep. Difficulty Level: Moderate Overall, this trail has some of the most beautiful views of Franconia ridge and the notch that I’ve ever seen. The tramway just recently celebrated its 80th anniversary on June 29. The snow was still very wet. Pioneers traveling around this headland had to hug the point carefully, even at low tide. Shaka Guide is an audio tour app that gives you the benefits of a guided tour with the freedom to explore on your own terms. //-->. Park at the Lafayette Campground, and climb Hi-Cannon Tr up (yellow blazed). Weather conditions: Clear/Lower 70's (base) A one mile singletrack mountain-biking trail begins the end of the Cannon Township Trail, and loops within Townsend Park property. The cliffs on the east side of the peak are host to the most popular rock climbing routes in the state. Parking and Trail Access. I wore microspikes the entire time, and didn't have any problems with postholes or falling through- but there is an inch or so of new powder sitting on top of the monorail, so a few snowshoers would probably do the trail some good. 1/16/2021 – Trail staff tried grooming the Red Wing end of the Trail without success. After getting off the highway at exit 34B I pulled into the parking lot and Cannon Mountain stood before me. Thoroughly enjoyed this trail. We turned right up the Hi-Cannon Trail and immediately the trail became narrower and was noticeably less traveled as the Lonesome Lake Trail. A great hike all in all. and leads to the summit ( a tower) and to the Tramway station. As a beginner I found this hike to be very very challenging and I wasn't able to complete it. past the Dodge Cutoff at 0.8 miles. All of the snow melted but I could definitely see some areas being dangerous with snow and ice. It has some exposed rocky overlooks that allow you to appreciate the presidentials even before reaching the summit. The remainder of the trail is level Park at the Lafayette Campground, and climb Hi-Cannon Tr up (yellow blazed). **A word of caution. Hikingto North Kinsman to South Kinsman and then to North Kinsman was pretty decent with nice views. Beautiful November day with perfect clarity. The trail is located at 44.14064383, -71.68950328 (latitude & longitude) in New Hampshire, White Mountain Region, Franconia Notch State Park. weekends. Fairly steep compared to other similar trails. A little bit of icy in spots but micro spikes not needed after a few days of warm weather. There is a view point roughly 3/4 of the way up on the left. Bring your layers. Follow Route 93 North into the Franconia Notch Parkway. The direct route saves about half a mile over the scenic route. Use during this time makes hiking, bicycling and equestrian activities hazardous and causes severe rutting of trail and road surfaces. The descent of this trail can also be The CVT is skiable, but very icy conditions. This day hike started at the Lafayette Place campground on the southbound side of I-93.