Index Finger (Jupiter) The index finger represents authority, leadership, and ambition. Although our gut instinct may be to keep this finger clear of any jewellery, wearing a statement ring on your pointer finger can actually create a sense of power, individuality and leadership. 1 2,288 views. “The Messenger of Allah prohibited me to wear the ring in this finger of mine or this and he gestured towards the middle finger and the index finger.” [Saheeh Muslim] One may wear the ring on his small finger as is mentioned above in a narration or the finger next to it. Please share the wisdom. End quote. It was narrated that Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: Does the same ruling apply to both men and women? u r only person who can show me right path. A narration attributed to Imam Ali says, “The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) forbade us to wear rings on these two fingers” – and he pointed to the middle finger and the one next to it. • Engaged or Romantic Promise: Someone has promised to get married to you… and the ring symbolizes this promise. Which hand and finger did the ancient Egyptians wear it on? What are the meanings of rings on fingers? Similar to the left ring finger, it might mean contentment and abstinence from relationships for someone who isn’t in a relationship. Once the marriage tradition is completed, she may (and may not) switch the ring to the left ring finger. • Connections With Crimes: A pinky ring – on any of the two hands, in fact – can be associated with the mafia. You can choose your own symbolism for a ring on this prominent finger. He says that the other fingers are more frequently used when utilizing the hand, whilst the little finger is not so frequently used due to it being at the corner of the hand. For those who love family, the left index finger (and the right) is used to wear signets, rings, and family ornaments. Anything that you want to be used frequently and emphatically in your gestures can go on the index finger. Ali raised his middle and index finger. Jewish culture, for instance, believes this. A ring on one of the index fingers means authority. The United States, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and Great Britain are among countries whose people prefer to wear … Regarding an article on eshaykh it is said that it is sunnah for men to wear a ring on little finger, however we also see that Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q) and Mawlana Shaykh Hisham (q) wear their ring on ring finger. Women can wear rings on any finger. You should wear the ring on the index finger of the right hand. Concurrently, wear rings on this finger to show class. In other cultures and beliefs around the globe, it is associated with the Moon, beauty, and creativity. It represents a balance because it is the middle finger. Meanings of Rings on the Pinky (Little) Finger, 9 Best Hair Straighteners & Flat Irons for Getting Glossy, Sleek Hair, How to Get Rid of Split Ends: 17 Best Split End Treatment Products, How to Wear Vintage Denim, from Jeans to Shorts, The History of Jeans: Denim Origin & Facts, How to Wear a Fanny Pack: Waist Bag Outfit Ideas. the finger next to your pinky finger) and not a good idea to wear any on your left … 1:29 . This is mainly because no Greek god shares a name with this finger. The left hand ring finger. In which finger should I wear the ring? Not everyone will get the message. Imam Abu Hanifa says it is a Sunnah for the Islamic rulers to wear a Ring. If you want to show off, wear a classy and expensive ring on your left index finger for people to notice and appreciate it. How to protect yourself from falling in to arrogance? On the other hand, it might mean thirst for power. No matter what they are wearing or not wearing, or where they are wearing or not wearing it. In this case, we can call it a chastity or purity ring. • Marriage: When you are married legally, there should be a ring on the ring finger of your left hand. sir plz tell me the right gem stone regards kishor kumar. Those who want to wear a ring but don't want people to get the wrong idea about their marital status often put the ring on the middle finger instead. All these are packed together to infer you are – or might be – a good negotiator. For some, the reasons for wearing a ring on any of the hand are the same. Recently I was advised that wearing a ring in the index finger of the right hand is not permitted/disliked in Islam. Palmistry identifies the index finger as Jupiter (Greek God) as it symbolizes ambition and leadership. Once the marriage tradition is completed, she may (and may not) switch the ring to the left ring finger. At the same time, wearing a finger ring on the index finger of the passive hand indicates acceptance of leadership from people around.

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